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Action Time Vision / How Much Longer (diff version)

7" single in pic sleeve



Mark Perry (aka Mark P.) was one of the first great theoreticians of the British punk scene; he was the editor and guiding voice behind Sniffin' Glue, the U.K.'s first punk fanzine (whose incendiary prose and purposefully rough finish made it the model literally thousands would follow), and he was among the first punk fans/writers to start putting his ideas into action by forming his own band, Alternative TV. But Perry was by no standards a run-of-the-mill punk, and "Action Time Vision" is the work of a man who wasn't just looking for a riot but wanted to confront the expectations and frameworks of popular culture on any number of levels. Right out of the box, Perry was doing stuff his own way.

"How Much Longer" made it clear Perry had already grown tired of the trapping of punk. By the time Alternative TV's first album came out in 1978, Perry and company were covering Frank Zappa and experimenting with prog rock, improvisation, and spoken word material, and the bulk of Action Time Vision finds the group confounding expectations by making their way through any of the side streets of contemporary music that happen to strike their fancy. (bits taken from Allmusic)


ALTERNATIVE TV Action Time Vision 7"

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