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A Glimpse Of Another Time 7"


Brand new 4 track single from Billy Childish's CTMF!

Hot on the heels of their recent return to live gigging comes this 7” EP featuring 4 new songs!

The title track of the EP is ‘A Glimpse Of Another Time’ it's a song about the scene based round Slim Chance’s Club at the Wild Western Rooms in the 1990′s (The club was out the back of the St John’s Tavern in Archway, North London) The club later moved down the road to the boston arms. Billy’s group Thee Headcoats used to play a regular monthly stint, which explains the EP photo from 1991 of Billy fronting Thee Headcoats with Bruce and Johnny on that tiny, legendary – wild west themed – stage. Photo : Mr Paul Slattery

‘Ode To Citrus Heights’ and ‘Throwback’ are written and sung by JuJu, while ‘Sq 1′ is another Billy penned song.

CTMF A Glimpse Of Another Time

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