Travelled & Unravelled 7" E.P.


GRAHAM DAY – Founder member of The Prisoners, Prime Movers & The Solar Flares as well as drummer in The Mighty Caesers and bassist in The Buff Medways alongside old friend Billy Childish.

He’s joined in his latest incarnation by Dan Elektro and Buzz Hagstrom from legendary US garage band The Woggles.

Graham Day & The Gaolers were formed in 2007. They are the amalgamation of Graham’s tuneful and aggressive songs, driven with an energy and attitude which has been perfectly captured in a simple no-frills studio recording. Their first single “Get Off My Track” a one off for a Paris based club promoter has been critically acclaimed. 

Their debut album ‘Soundtrack To The Daily Grind’ was released at the end of 2007, again it received great reviews all around the world so we asked them to record a couple of new tracks at the end of their tour in December, the 2 new tracks are joined by 2 from the album to make up the ‘Travelled and Unravelled E.P.’ 

Side A: Soundtrack To The Daily Grind / Too Few Things

Side B: The Most Expensive Sleep / Backstage Bore (both exclusive to this release)

GRAHAM DAY & THE GAOLERS Travelled & Unravelled E.P.