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Issue 50 + Club Soul CD + a Heavy Soul t-shirt!!!!


Release date: 10/07/2020


Whoop Whoop - issue 50 is here!!!!!

Amazing to think this is the half-century, but here it is!

What's in this one then....

Interviews with:

  • Legendary US producer SHEL TALMY, who made The Kinks and early Who sound
  • DENNIS GREAVES from Nine Below Zero
  • Secret Affair's DAVE CAIRNS
  • The UKs foremost Mod band SUBCULTURE with a major surprise
  • Bruno Gallone from the Jam-supporting heroes REACTION
  • PAUL MARTIN from Facebook page "Looking Back"
  • Top Sounds Top Man NIGEL LEES on the new 17 From Morden LP
  • Author ERIK GRIGG on his new 'Mod History' book

Plus many ARTICLES like:

  • New releases on 7" and LP/12"
  • eBay Spy - the latest big wallet-burners
  • Jason Disley on the Madras look
  • Weller, Tubby Hayes new box set, Eddie Floyds book, The Direct Hits and much more

Also - the 25 track CD featuring big 60s Club Sounds

HEAVY SOUL MODZINE Issue 50 with CD + t-shirt

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