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Issue 52


Release date: 22/02/2021


It's here!!!

First edition of 2021 and comes with option of the single featuring a rare demo of "Sound Of Truth" by SubCulture (now Sharp Class) and "My Time" by the Jam-supporting Burton band REACTION

What's in this one then....

Interviews with:

  • All four members of Purple Hearts Mk2 - PH2
  • Paul Rosendale from '80s Mod band THE B-TEAM
  • Mark Asshton from Solution Records latest release TURNSTYLE
  • Original punksters from Paisley URBAN ENEMIES
  • New Garage label GOBSHITE RECORDS
  • and last, but definately not least Oli from SHARP CLASS and Bruno from REACTION on the single

Plus many ARTICLES like:

  • New releases on 7" and LP/12"
  • eBay Spy - the latest big wallet-burners
  • Jason Disley on the Sta-prest 
  • Also - the 25 track CD featuring big 60s Club Sounds

HEAVY SOUL MODZINE Issue 52 with single

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