HEAVY SOUL Modzine Issue 55 

plus A3 poster of The meddyEVILS

Release date: 25/09/2021


Hell Yeahhhh !!

Fourth edition of 2021 and a great insight into many new and old bands that has influenced our way of thinking... What's in this one then....

Interviews with:

  • Roy Roberts of The meddyEVILS
  • PH2 bods Bob Manto and Just Jeff 
  • GABRIELA GIACOMAN from FRENCH BOUTIK on the new releases from the band Channel Three
  • LOUISE TURNER talks about her new album
  • The team behind a new set of figures based on THE PRISONER TV series


Plus many ARTICLES like:

New releases on 7" and LP/12"

Loads of Jazz articles, Kevin Fingiers new single, Top Sounds Records new release, The Jam, Spinout Nuggets releases, The Creationand tons more

Also - the 25 track CD featuring big 60s Club Sounds

HEAVY SOUL modzine Issue 55