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HEAVY SOUL Modzine Issue 58

Release date: 18/07/2022


Only the second edition of 2022 and a great insight into many new and old bands that has influenced our way of thinking... What's in this one then....

Interviews and musings with:

  • DENNIS GREAVES from NINE BELOW ZERO on the reissue of 'third degree' on white vinyl on Heavy Soul Records and more
  • CHRIS POPE on the new album that has finally made it to chez CHORDS UK and the single "21st Century Girl"
  • RICK BLACKMAN on the CAVENDISH SET CD that is out now
  • Ace new R&B band SAWEL UNDERGROUND on the new single feat Dave Berry
  • THEE STRAWBERRY MINDE also have a new single out on Spinout Nuggets which they talk about
  • New NBZ bassist ANTHONY HARTY on his amazing career


Plus many ARTICLES like:

New releases on 7" and LP/12"

Loads of Jazz articles, Ronnie Spector, Soul Jazz Records, Northern Soul, The Prisoners, Stones, Birds box set , Squire + more

Also - the 25 track CD featuring big 60s Club Sounds


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