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"It's A Youth Explosion" Volume One



***RELEASE DATE of mid-August***  - pre-orders being taken NOW


Now then!

Fourteen rare and unreleased tracks taking in all that was good from 1977 - 1984ish.

You get Punk, New Wave, Mod Revival and Post-Punk all within the amazingly created artwork from Alf Button's Revenge.

All fully remastered from a whold source of different formats to create a sound crispier than a bag of Wotsits!


The names may not be familiar, but the "Sounds From The Street" created will certainly take you back to when all you needed in life was an Lp by The Damned, Clash or Jam and a guitar, bass and drums.


All original tracks, by a whole range of musical talent


Volume Two getting mastered now and Volume 3 is filling up fast!

"It's A Youth Explosion" Volume 1 LP

£16.99 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price
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