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People Like Us


A little History.....The early years of Liquid Stone was taken playing in local pubs and clubs building up a bit of a following around the Buckingham area. By approx 1978/9 things stepped up a bit with the venues getting bigger and further afield.
By now the gigs were getting wild and wicked.The Jam and punk was here and Liquid Stone was a mix of these styles. It was great the sound got the people up and dancing like crazy, things were buzzing now.Out of the blue came that Phone Call. "Hi we been hearing all about you Guys we want you to come and play Friars".
For those who dont know Friars in Aylesbury was HUGE - it was the greatest venue for miles and miles with the countries Top Artists and bands playing there every week. ,P. "We would like you to be Leading Local Support Band to some of the UK's Biggest Punk Bands of the Time".
Gigs followed with The UK Subs, The Jam,Stiff Little Fingers and the Angelic Upstarts. That was The Begining. In 1980 Liquid Stone released it's only single on their own label - "Here Comes The Weekend" / "Because Of You" which attracts over £650 nowadays.
The band also wrote more tracks that sadly, never got released at the time.
Two of those tracks now appear on this "second" 7" by the band...
"They are tracks written in 1978 and 1979. These tracks were part of the show back in the day and not recorded at the time. All original members, original instruments and amps where available were used in the making of this recording (2012)"
RELEASE DATE: 04/12/2017

LIQUID STONE People Like Us 7"

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