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Acid Goth **NEW ALBUM**

STEREO Split colour Vinyl LP / Black vinyl MONO LP / CD


The messiah has returned - a new album full of the trademark heady mix of 60s pyschedelia, trippy vibes and full on rock 'n' roll offers up ten sublime tracks you are going to love.


A mixture of ways to enjoy too:

The yellow / black split colour STEREO LP (Limited 300 stereo press - Laminated sleeve + insert on yellow / black split vinyl)

The limited (100 copies) Black Vinyl MONO LP with unique art by Paul (Limited 100 press - DIY sleeve 4 different colours - will be sent in approx 2 weeks)

The repress of the CD released just before xmas that sold out in a few days. (2nd press - green design)

PAUL ORWELL Acid Goth LP (all versions)

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