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"1974" / "You Can't Tell Me Lies" 


Heavy Soul Records



***DUE END OF MARCH '22***


Berlimey - the legends that are Bob Manton and Jeff Shadbolt were half of the magnificent '79 Mod Revival leaders PURPLE HEARTS who released a string of 7"s ("Millions Like Us", "Jimmy", "Frustration") and LPs ("Beat That!", "Popish Frenzy") and have been gigging one and off since then.

Now Bob and Just Jeff are back with themselves and Kevin Iverson Jnr on guitar and have recorded two singles to start with under the guise of PH2 - the first is available to pre-order now on Purple or Black vinyl (or both if you fancy them!)

This isn't a band resting on it's laurels, going through the motions of past glories. PH2 are here to stay as a whole new concept and this first single proves that if you've got th emagic it never disappears......

PH2 1974 Black vinyl

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