Steve Flanagan – I’ve Arrived 

Sylvan – We Don’t Belong

Spoke Records SPK1203


Side A

Steve Flanagan – I’ve Arrived

Steve Flanagan – I’ve Arrived has been a big Northern Soul spin for many years. Interest in the track was reignited in the nineties at Stafford and in the early noughties when it was included on the Northern Soul All Nighter compilation album.

Although a version by Jewel Akens also exists it’s the urgency of Steve Flanagan’s vocal against a pounding backbeat which won his version legions of admirers and placed it high on the wants lists of many Northern Soul DJs.

Rare, sought-after and expensive; this crisply mastered slice of Northern Soul heaven is now available for the first time as a reissue on 45 and it’s exclusive to Spoke


Side B

Sylvan – We Don’t Belong

Recorded in 1965 with the backing of a full 70-piece orchestra and airplayed constantly by Radio Caroline throughout the autumn of 1965, We Don’t Belong seemed destined for huge sales until the BBC intervened.

Someone at Auntie (as the overly interfering BBC was often dubbed) had listened carefully to the lyrics of the song and had correctly understood them to tell the tale of misunderstood young lovers signing a suicide pact.

Despite the massive chart success of Twinkle’s Terry ‘death disc’ the previous year someone somewhere decided the story of a planned double suicide, however sweetly sung, was taking things a little to far and the single was banned.

STEVE FLANAGAN I've Arrived 7"