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...the lost album



Release date 27th April 2024 - pre-orders being taken now!!

This is the date of their big comeback gig at the 100 Club - details at 


Subjagger arose from the ashes of a couple of bands knocking around London sometime in late 1991. A three-piece guitar band, we started jamming under the arches of a railway line in East London. Our own energy fuelled us though, as we worked to hone our sound which was somewhere between 60’s power pop and 70’s rock.

This was before Britpop made all these sorts of cultural references fashionable.


Our first proper gig in ‘92 was at The Dublin Castle in Camden Town and was rammed. 


We supported Pulp, we played every Camden pub on the ‘toilet scene’.


In ’93 we signed to Acid Jazz on their new rock imprint Focus and the ‘Flock’ EP was released , produced by Eddie Piller.


We played some hip clubs in London like Magick and Smashing. Our record was played in the happening Blow Up club in Camden and other mod clubs too. We did a couple of UK tours supporting the likes of Corduroy and Mother Earth.


Perhaps there was life in the band after all?


When the end came in ’95 it was unexpected and in the middle of recording that last album. Three became two. 


Those recordings have now been beautifully mastered and made available through Heavy Soul Records


At the end of the day, we were Subjagger.

And so were you. 

SUBJAGGER...the lost album

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