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Tammy St John – Concerning Love/21st Century – Hard Act To Follow


Side A . Tammy St John – Concerning Love

was only fourteen years old when she was signed to Pye Records in 1964 and for two years they struggled to find songs suitable for her bluesy and soulful voice. One release which failed to hit was her cover version of The Chiffons – Nobody Knows What’s Goin’ On (In My Mind But Me) but it was rediscovered in the early 70s and became a Northern Soul favourite.

Tammy returned to recording in 1969 after a three year hiatus to record the powerful soul song Concerning Love. Arranged by Alan Hawkshaw for the UK-based Tangerine label

Almost impossible to source and very expensive when a copy surfaces; it’s now available for the first time as a reissue on 45 and it’s exclusive to Spoke.


Side AA. 21st Century – Hard Act to Follow

One of the best-kept secrets of recent times, sale prices for the original Era label 45 have risen steeply as an increasing number of psych collectors bid on copies that only rarely appear on Ebay.

The only clue to the identity of this band comes from the name Herb Newman who is credited for both writing and producing this song. He founded the Era label in 1955 which leads us to speculate that 21st Century were a band of studio session musicians gathered together to flesh out some of his musical ideas.

Conversations with respected psych collectors on both sides of the Atlantic have so far failed to provide any more information about the band or any further releases by them.

TAMMY ST JOHN Concerning Love 7"

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