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"Follow Me" c/w "Climbing Up the Wall"


The first release on Solution Records and we ain't messing about!

The Action are known to most are purveyors of some of the finest blue-eyed soul to emerge from the London club scene, thrilling a feverish Mod crowd with their setlist of Motown and Soul covers interspersed with a strong set of original numbers.

As music styles changed so did The Action, taking on board Psychedelic tones but still being a vehicle for Reg King's Steve Marriott equalling vocals.

A new set of tracks were recorded during 1967/68 in the hope of releasing a LP after leaving Parlophone. This album never materialised until the mid '90s when "Rolled Gold" let the world hear just how bloody good this band was - another criminally overlooked group.

Solution Records are more than happy to release two of those tracks on one 7" single - the riff-laden "Follow Me" and the bridge between the band's Mod and Psyche status with the emotive "Climbing Up The Wall"

More fantastic singles to follow, but I'm sure you'll agree - an amazing start!


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