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I'm Dead LP

Lost In Tyme


Ha, now that’s good news! A 100% all Greek release of filthy primitive cave (OK, basement...) psych punk, next week hits the streets not fearing at all financial disasters or Euro ejects! Lost in Tyme records (division of the well known garage punk same named zine – you 're gonna have another issue out or what you lazy creep?!) did it at first, persisting at next. The Basements are probably well known to the bottlenecked circles of 60s go 80s punk fanatics from their first 7inch (“Heart of Stone” EP) and are ready to go further. Thessaloniki’s newest Neanderthals on a twelve song roller-coaster to their jasper cellar and back! Deserving flaming torch holders of the Sound Explosion and (early) Last Drive garage tradition of Greece, in a psyched out and furious state! You can pre-order the damn thing here! "I'm Dead" will be officially out next week in a limited edition release of 350 black & 150 purple vinyl slices.


£12.99 Regular Price
£10.99Sale Price
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