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The World's End 7"

State Records THS-030

Founded in 2017AD from the Hastings Fratcave stable, The Dirty Contacts include past and/or present members of The X-Men, The Dentists, The Cannibals, Armitage Shanks and many more. The five musicians comprise three writers, two illustrators, an electronics genius, at least two adults and even a parent!

They caught the attention of State Records supremo Mole when recording at his all-analogue North Down Sound studio in Folkestone, South East Kent. The harvest of a fruitful day is this debut 45–the A-side, “The World’s End”, a nightmare allegorical vision of something gone horribly wrong; the B-side a live favourite Billy Childish-penned classic “When You Stop Loving Me”, originally recorded by Thee Headcoats. Both numbers were recorded live to 8-track tape, without overdubs.

Believing that the world requires more Seeds, Kinks, Mummies and Beefheart-influenced acts than it currently enjoys, these mild-mannered chums sure make one hell of a scuzzed-up racket when they plug in...but the kids dig it and we hope you do too!

Packaged in a super cool full colour double-sided fold-over card sleeve!


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