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Too Late 7"


Brand new 45 from Medway Legends, The Galileo 7! There may be a time when the words to the effect of "ex-member of the legendary Medway garage-mod-rockers The Prisoners (et al), and currently playing bass in Graham Day and The Forefathers" don’t need to be appended to anything that Allan Crockford does with his own band—or any of the multitude of bands he’s played in since The Prisoners split in 1986—but he’s not holding his breath. He’s just getting on with making great records with The Galileo 7. Sessions for the group’s 6th long-player (There Is Only Now, due out on Damaged Goods this summer) started late last year at State Records’ custom-built North Down Sound recording facility, and at some stage, the ever-pleasing notion of “a new single” arose, so here it is! All the usual key ingredients of a G7 record are present—the hooks, the crunching rhythm section, the luscious layered vocal harmonies, the exquisite guitar and keyboard work. Both tracks are exclusive to this release for different reasons: Too Late (which features a top-notch lead vocal from Viv, her first on a 45!) appears in a dedicated mono mix (in contrast to the stereo mix on the LP), while The World Looks Different Today is a completely different take to that which closes the first side of the LP—different vibe, different instrumentation, but a corker nonetheless! This is a limited edition (500 copies) vinyl 7”, packaged in a beautiful bespoke full-colour laminated flip-back sleeve!


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