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Inner Voices CD


Vinyl long sold out!!


The debut album from exciting new Leeds 4 piece The See No Evils.

Twelve tracks that deliver a sound rooted in a 60's pop/garage sound, but with a modern twist which delivers the tunes from retrogression.

The two previous singles have proven that the band take influences from many genres over many years, be it 60s garage, 50 b-movie or 70s punk - no one track sounds the same.

Heavy Soul records are genuinely delighted to release this album!

Expect chiming guitars, impassioned vocals and songs that wont leave your head!


"THE SEE NO EVILS - INNER VOICES I have seen this band, have tried to book em' up on a gig after being impressed with their 'live' performance and their opening CD release but all to no avail. These Leeds based gits take some catching so all I can do is make do with their first full length offering and see if the quality is maintained or the bastards have let everything slip and fall down the drain of disaster (serve em' right for not jumping on a Fungal gig). Seriously though, I am expecting much here, a real uplifting bout of rhythmic garage poppism that will banish anyway stagnant cobwebs and get me bouncing around the room in unmolested innocence. The CD needs a big start, I want it and I want it now...ok look... 'Secrets In Me' is a giant of a song, one I picked for 'Song of the Year' back in 2013 and one that still does the business with this eager beaver of sound. Crisply moving in with delicious tantalising intent the developing swing in the string is sublime and has so much emotion and scenic value that I am utterly hooked. The brisk pace, the superbly lucid and breeze blown vocals and the overall fabric of the genre saturated song all combine to bring a gushing product I find irresistible. If you want to start an album on a lofty plateau then this is it, the only question that now remains is whether or not the band can maintain this excellence. The second burst is a more funked and fruity number that bounces with the same amount of effervescing zap but which pings a little more obviously. The gobbage is desirous of the job at hand, the wires and skins are in an appetising mood and work in a quality soaked unison whilst radiating a rhythm to get high on. A cultural episode of 'daddy ho' smoothie groovy succulence that just juices up the joints no end - go jig baby, jig. Third in and the stunning 'Hanging Around' wraps me around its little pinky and has me moving to every sonic command. A strong song that boldly states each versed line and ascends to the fore on a superb string staccato that is mouth-wateringly magnificent and of a choice generic stable. With each rotation the song gathers impacting momentum and hits home with a growing conviction to be utterly absorbed. The band have a fascinating fancy flying free here and the numerous sub-generic flavours bouncing around the whole productive deliveries is wonder to my lugs. A quite convincing effort followed by another, namely 'You Make Me Move', a funkier monkey that bounds in, gyrates out a hip grinding pulsation and moves through a plucky arrangement awash with upbeat vibrations and zesty pizzazz. Resist this at your peril - it is one to get your boogiefied bootie banging to the beat. The fizz in the entire shebang insists we bounce along and the tight organisation of the creation has many meritous points to applaud and clap my hands I do. If this isn't enough this song is topped (for me at least) by the deeply textured and shadowy drama of 'People Of The Night'. This one has new avenues of musical intrigue to explore and brings to the table of tuneage a thoughtful bout of considered monochrome melody from recesses of the musical mire where genuine gems may be unearthed. Here we have such a find, a successful serenade cruising on seas of simplicity that have sunk many but help sail a few to lands of gratification. A cracking moment I think. Into the 'Firing Line' next with sub-westernised patterns rotating on comforting thermals of pleasure that show the band can subtly change tack as well as maintain an undercurrent of consistent quality. A mid-tempo glide along a smooth sun-burnt substrate that sees the usual crisp strings, hustle drums and garaged gob all combine to make a sanctuary of sound I am perfectly happy to wallow in. 'Hooked On The Buzz' is a spicy fucker, bursting with flavour and leaving one salivating for just one more bite of the melodic meat. Grilled to perfection, peppered up with oral goodness and radiating an addiction to love many are indeed cursed with. Passion pours, frustration flows, heart tugging tension invades but all the while the backdrop of sound retains a hope, a promising outlook not to be denied - what a sweet combination. 'Sweet Thing' relieves tension and comes across as an escapist style tune, with head in the clouds and full of rose-coloured dreams. I like the residing innocence that comes after the preparatory strums as well as the free-flying commitment to love and fucking off the drag of the systematic situation many of us find ourselves in from time to time. The song has a 'one man shouting against the world' feel and generates a hope within the core that is perhaps the most obvious factor in swinging my decision to the truly positive side. A cracking song I demand you do not overlook! 'Werewolf Blues' is a tipple of horror-pop bluesiness that wanders through the graveyard of reverberation and sends sneaky chills down your spine. A stroll stippled with sinister side-glancing strokes that have you on the edge of your seat waiting for the killer shock. Impetus is found with the bass the main driving for