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Here Come... Volume 1

12" vinyl LP




One of my favourite bands of all time - premier leaders of the Mod and Indie scene of the early to late 80s and beyond, Ed Ball's THE TIMES produced some of the best 60s inspired tracks recorded - a string of pre-Britpop Britpop LPs that transcended the line between Mod and a more refined commercial sound and here on this LP are a selection of my favourites from the early years.

Ed himself has kindly contributed some great liner notes that are on the rear sleeve and continued on the double sided insert..



I've got the track listing wrong! How the F*$k I managed that I have no idea but track 7 - which was to be the LP finale - "Goodnight Children Everywhere" is for some reason track 2 which knocks the remaining tracks out of sequence by one (track 2 is now 3 etc)

Rushing, excitement, stupidity and followed by dismay and embarassment when it was noticed on this one for which I truly apologise again.

Luckily the actual music weigh outnumbers my amateurish attempts at getting the album out and I am totally gutted this happened......

Hopefully this won't spoil your enjoyment of quite simply one of the greatest and most under-rated bands of the 80s and 90s.

And if you are reading Ed, man, I am SO SORRY....

THE TIMES Here Come Vol.1

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£10.00Sale Price
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