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"Keep On Keepin' On" c/w "Life Through A Glass"

ROR111 7" single

When Nine Below Zero split, no-one saw Dennis Greaves starting again with what would become the UK's best Modernist Soul band since the heyday of the 1960's, but sure enough, with the addition of the song-writing talents of Mick Lister, hits like "Confusion (Hits Us Everytime), "Exception Of Love" and "A Step In The Right Direction" saw a full chart assault whilst still playing to a largely new, post-Jam crowd of Mods. Singing to WEA and then IRS saw big selling albums and tours until the end.

Fast forward 35 years and Heavy Soul! Records is more than a little bit proud to present a 7" single featuring two totally new tracks.

This can be dangerous; have the band lost their passion? Is the soulful vent still there? Is the song-writing as good as it was? Is this just another 80s cash-in? 

Well I can answer that easily: the passion and skill that drove the band from '83 onwards is still perfectly in place, Dennis is in fine voice and the new songs from the pair as good as anything from the early singles or "Playground". No lame, cabaret act here - but you wouldn't expect that from these blueyed Soul boys would you

Limited to 250 in full colour sleeve - release date is end of June - pre-orders being taken now...

THE TRUTH Keep On Keeping On

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