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“I’ve Seen The Light” / “Mary Colinto”

Solution Records FIX011


Bit of a coup here for Solution with this, the last single by Birmingham Beat masters THE UGLY’S. After a string of 45s for Pye in 1965 and 1966 and a quirky one on C.B.S. a year later the band were due to release a single  on M.G.M. but they never made it past a very rare (£1500+) demo 7″ so the two tracks here remained unreleased as the project was shelved as the band was not yet signed to MGM.

A real step up in musical styles “I’ve Seen The Light” and “Mary Colinto” are pure late ’60s UK Pysche at it’s very best and have been fully cleaned up to present to you (we’ve even given both tracks their correct spelling!).

Produced with full permission from composer David Morgan, this will be another big seller….

THE UGLYS I've Seen the Light / Mary Colinto

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