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"Set you straight" - LP




Straight outta Springfield, Missouri USA (yep, that’s right, Springfield Missouri!) it's THEE FINE LINES!! Playing their first show on Halloween of 2001, the ripple effect left modsters across the country wondering just what just blew their pants off! They sharpened their teeth on Billy Childish concoctions, and formed something phenomenal…


Their songs are a perfect mix of love-turned-sour lyrics and "I-gotta-do-the-Pony!" beats… so whether you just broke up with that good-for-nothin ex of yours, or your friends came over for a dance party, THEE FINE LINES will indeed satisfy!


2004 saw the release of the widely popular Self-Titled full length out on Licorice Tree Records, hitting top ten lists across the globe, and deemed "Record of the Year" on Billy Kelly's Teenage Wasteland radio show on WFMU outta New Yawk.


The year 2005 brought another astonishing release, the "Looking Everywhere" 7" 4 song ep. Quickly becoming your favorite rock and roll band of all time, Thee Fine Lines will seek you out in your home town, drag you into the street and beat you silly with some of the best 3 chord rave ups you ever wanted to hear.


In the great year of 2006 Thee Fine Lines were featured at the Primitive 3 festival in Rotterdam Holland with other noteworthy bands such as The Cynics and Thee Mighty Caesars!  This little trip over the pond also included a show at the infamous Dirty Water club in London, England! THEE FINE LINES are now ready to offer the world some more of their wild garage/beat-punk mayhem with their brandnew album "Set you straight".



Side A

I Don't (Justin Kearbey/Jason Kearbey)

Feeling the Pain (Justin Kearbey)

Midnight's Fine (Justin Kearbey)

Brutally Bold (Justin Kearbey)

Set You Straight (Justin Kearbey)

Call Me, Baby (Jason Kearbey)

Give Me All Your Love (Justin Kearbey)

Side B

Corinne (Justin Kearbey)

Lose Control (Justin Kearbey)

I'd Die (Justin Kearbey)

Someone Else (Justin Kearbey)

She's Bad News (Justin Kearbey)

I Tried To Give You My Love (Justin Kearbey)

You're So Fine (Justin Kearbey)


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