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"Riding A Wave" / "Trot"

Solution Records



TURNSTYLE with the massive psychedelic pop gem RIDING A WAVE 🌊
Drenched in dream fuzz with catchy tone bending hooks all coming together like a magical mind altering masterpiece.

The flip TROT is equally as brilliant with rolling drums, a hard hitting bass groove & cutting sharp guitar that together FREAKOUT!

Fully remastered & officially rereleased on limited press vinyl for the first time since the original 1968 Pye 45... (which will set you back a small fortune with some prices hitting close to 1k for a mint copy).

Both tracks written by the founder of the short lived Turnstyle, 17 year old drummer/songwriter Mark Ashton who later received fame in Rare Bird.

Track links:

RIDING A WAVE" width="425" height="350"></iframe></p>


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