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Spinout Nuggets Chapter 1 : From The Ashes LP

Spinout Nuggets


Side A
Sergeants Mess – Couldn’t I Be Yours
The Nettelles – Wasn’t Meant To Be
Andre M – Dodged A Bullet
Thee Girl Fridays – Dracula Mwah-ha-ha-Ha!
The Treasures Of Mexico – Lost In This World
The Voo-Dooms – Another Teenage Dance Craze (Instrumental)

Side B
Sergeants Mess – Seconds Out
The Nettelles – We Are….
Andre M – Attack Of The Speaker Domes
Thee Girl Fridays – Too Much Of A Good Thing
The Treasures Of Mexico – That Fear
The Voo-Dooms – Voo-Doom Twist


Spinout Nuggets is a DIY, independent record label, which has been firing out record releases in Limited Edition vinyl formats since early 2018.

This is the first of what will be many compilations for the label, and Spinout Nuggets Chapter 1 : From The Ashes contains two tracks from the first six artists released on the label, with six previously released, and six previously unreleased tracks.

Side A starts with the released ‘Couldn’t I Be Yours’ from Medway’s Sergeants Mess, being balanced by the unreleased ‘Seconds Out’ on the flip. Second up is The Nettelles unreleased ‘Wasn’t Meant To Be’, with previously released ‘We Are….’ on the flip. Next up is ‘Dodged A Bullet’ from Andre M, with unreleased ‘Attack Of The Speaker Domes‘ on the flip. Edinburgh’s Thee Girl Fridays next, with unreleased ‘Dracula Mwah-ha-ha-HA!’, with their ‘Too Much Of A Good Thing’ on the flip. Slipping nicely in to Medway’s The Treasures Of Mexico with ‘Lost In This World’, with previously unreleased ‘That Fear’ on the flip. Lastly, but not lastly, The Voo-Dooms give an instrumental version of ‘Another Teenage Dance Craze’, with ‘Voo-Doom Twist’ on the flip.

Limited to 500 copies, this compilation will be a valued asset to any collection.

VA Spinout Nuggets Chapter 1 : From The Ashes LP

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