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Sub Rosa

Heavy Soul Records



From New York City comes this stunning new collection of songs on a debut album by WOMEN OF THE NIGHT.

Formed by two individuals Kyubae Lee (Drums) and Jordan d'Arsie (Guitar / Vox), they have produced together a dirty rock punk set, without forgetting to be accessible to all with a sense of musical adventure, sometimes touching on Psychedelic.

Recorded at NY HED studios, which encompasses everything about New York underground cool. A city whose musical history, and inspiration for WOTN, has produced, Lou Reed to Patti Smith, Television and

The Strokes. Sounds you will hear coming you’re your speakers.

The ferocious irony of "Money", the dazzling pop of "Lonesome Love", the

garage sound of "Dark Horsey", this is NYC in 2021 in your living room!


Sub Rosa was written over a period of time collecting songs and slowly

piecing them together. I noticed my songwriting and the voices within the

stories were often flickering between a sinister voice and a much lighter

and optimistic voice. As the album began to come together, I started to

imagine it as its own space and almost as if there were 2 parallel planes.

What is spoken of in the light of day and what is spoken of in the night or

simply put Sub Rosa.

There's a symmetry and balance to this record, 7 songs on each side and

a conscious effort in the songwriting to balance these 2 parallel worlds, the

voices and sounds that accompany them.

The Stranger sets the scene for Sub Rosa with a Protopunk Dada-esque kick.

Two Strangers intertwining and observing one another without ever knowing

each others observational habits. The Stranger paints portraits of you in many

ways speaks of this concept, how you see and how you are seen” J d’Arsie


Vinyl 12” album  released by 

Heavy Soul Records

Licensed from Love Child


(P) Love Child Records

(C) Heavy Soul Records 2021


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