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I Don't Want To Do This Again 7"

State Records THS-029

A new 45 from legendary MONKS tribute act, YE NUNS! These seven ladies have been blowing minds for a good few years now, with their spot-on renditions of classic tracks by garage legends, THE MONKS, whose story is pretty well-known now: 5 US GIs stationed in Germany, who formed a fairly typical beat band in the mid 60s, then hooked up with some avant-garde existentialists who persuaded them to change their image, drop their repertoire and embark on a twisted journey into an originality that set them apart from EVERY other band at the time!! Stinging fuzz guitar, bass from hell, electric banjo, barked nonsensical lyrics---these guys were NOT messing around!!

Fast forward 40+ years, and Ye Nuns picked up the baton, with a mission to keep the fine work of the Monks in front of an audience. Now, they've upped the ante again—recording two PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED songs, written by original Monks bass-player, EDDIE SHAW!! And BOTH sides are DEADLY, sounding for all the world like 'Black Monk Time' outtakes!

Packaged in a super cool double-sided fold-over card sleeve.

YE NUNS I Don't Want To Do This Again

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