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Ace band THE BASEMENTS with their new LP "Sounds Of Yesterday" - a mixture of moody garage, pysche and beat - it's their third album and getting better every time

THE BASEMENTS Sounds Of Yesterday LP | Mysite
THE BASEMENTS Sounds Of Yesterday LP | Mysite
THE BASEMENTS Sounds Of Yesterday LPLost In Tyme Records Review from the excellent Let’s take a trip to Thessaloniki, Greece, and delve into the distinctive sounds of The Basements. This band has been crafting its unique blend of garage punk, drawing heavy influences from the undeniably iconic bands of the ’60s era.Their latest release, Sound of Yesterday, by the Greek label Lost In Tyme Records, has made quite a stir being their third full-length LP. This follows up from their earlier albums, I’m Dead (2012) and Lost (2015). Sounds of Yesterday, however, takes a slightly different path compared to its predecessors. Embracing the Classic ’60s Garage Folk and Moody TunesWith the release of Sounds of Yesterday, The Basements have shown their audience unapologetic influences from ’60s pop bands and the moody tunes of the same era. If you’re someone nursing a broken heart or simply yearning for a bit of nostalgia, the carefully crafted lyrics of this album are sure to pull at your heartstrings. A Production That Paints a Picture The production of Sounds of Yesterday is clean and precise, which is always a good thing. It mirrors exactly what the band aims to convey to their audience. The vocals seamlessly blend with the overall sound, creating an experience that feels authentic and raw. Highlights From the AlbumStandout tracks such as Mary Ann, Time Will Do The Rest, and the title track Sounds of Yesterday, offer a deep dive into the moody corners of ’60s music. In particular, Sound of Yesterday stands head and shoulders above the rest, incorporating some of the components that fans loved (including myself) in their previous records. These include the fuzz-drenched guitars, speed, and that characteristic moody feeling that The Basements do so well. ConclusionTo sum it up, the album is a solid ’60s moody – folk revival record and an absolute must-have for anyone who appreciates the nuances of ’60s Garage music. This album is not just a tribute to a bygone era but a testament to the timeless appeal of the music that defined it. So, for a trip down memory lane with a fresh twist, give Sounds of Yesterday a spin and let The Basements take you on a unique musical journey back in time.


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