1979 Mod Legends

Secret Affair (Ian Page, Dave Cairns, Dennis Smith & Seb Shelton) formed in 1978 from their previous incarnation as the “power pop” band New Hearts .

In a period of a little over two years, they posted five releases in the UK Singles Chart, and released three albums.


The debut single “Time For Action” sold over 200,000 copies and reached number 13 in the UK chart, putting them at the forefront of the mod revival movement. More chart success followed with “Let Your Heart Dance”, “My World” and “Sound Of Confusion”.


They also drew up plans for a smart-dressing youth movement – the Glory Boys – based around the idea of 1960s gangster chic, influenced by the movie, Performance.

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They told you once, twice, three times now that's enough

When you talk about British blues legends, the name Nine Below Zero will be on most lips.

Formed in 1979 the band have become the #1 R&B band in the UK, mixing a love of blues classics and with a back catalogue that stretches across many albums and singles the band returned late in 2019 to celebrate 40 years together with a tour and a new album 'AVALANCHE'.

Heavy Soul! Records was more than happy to assist the band with getting the vinyl version out