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The only way to communicate in the late '70s and '80s, the fanzine, or Modzine, was a vital tool for people to get to know what was going on around them and further afield. Written enthusiastically by Mods for Mods the information within the hand-written or typewritered pages, which were the painstakingly photocopied, assembled, stapled and sent out all over the world.
Live reviews, news on the latest singles and albums as well as other Modzines, interviews with the bands, retrospective articles on the 60s heroes and the vital pages on what was happening and when all made the zine an integral part of the Mod movement.
The Cavern and Merc in Carnaby Street, local nights and the rallies saw scenes of eager editors pushing the latest offering out. Postal orders and cash through the post, 30p at an event or second hand copies from your mates all added to the excitement.
I am an avid collector of these zines myself and decided to start my own in 2010 when the first 'Heavy Soul! Modzine came out' and over ten years later I have passed fifty issues.
Always full of interviews, news and reviews, just like the halcyon days, dip in and get a sense of how Mods communicated before the internet!
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